Contributor guide#


Prepare a development environment:

  • Install Poetry.

  • Run poetry install --extras ua.

  • Run poetry shell to load the development environment.

Make changes:

  • Make changes to the code, tests, or docs.

  • Run make style and fix any flake8 violations.

  • Run make test or make coverage to run the set suite — it’s fast!

Iterate until you’re happy.

Check quality and submit your changes:

  • Install tox.

  • Run tox to test across Python and Django versions — it’s slower.

  • Submit a pull request.


Check that the changelog is complete and add the date of the release.

Increment version number X.Y in docs/ and pyproject.toml.

Commit, tag, and push the change:

$ git commit -m "Bump version number".
$ git tag X.Y
$ git push
$ git push --tags

Build and publish the new version:

$ poetry build
$ poetry publish